Beth Engel is one of the characters in the movie Krampus. She is Tom and Sarah's daughter and is the older sister of Max.

Personality Edit

Beth is an arrogant and spoiled brat who doesn't show any kindness towards Max. However, she does show some care for him when she wants Stevie to stop reading Max letter, despite telling him not to start stuff. She also is not afraid to use bad language and her parents are not even telling to stop using that language. However, this probably changes when Krampus arrives. After the incident, she somehow still acts rude to Max but is one of the people that remember Krampus.

Krampus(film) Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

*Beth is portrayed by Stefania LaVie Owen

*She is the first of her family to be taken by Krampus

*Its possible she was devoured by a baby Der Klown who later devoured her cousin, Jordan

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