Der Klown
Played By
Brett Beattie

Der Klown, also known as the Clown or the Jack-in-the-Box, is the secondary antagonist of the Christmas comedy-horror film Krampus and is played by Brett Beattie. He is a giant demonic Jack-in-the-Box with sharp fangs, big jaws and a worm-like body ending with an old vintage music box at the end of his tail. He is responible for Jordan's death.


Der Klown, while obviously terrifying, is a very jolly character in many of his scenes and has a very "charming" personality. He is seen scrambling away as fast as he can when the parents attempt to shoot him prior to them witnessing him injesting one of their children. After consuming Jordan head-first, with his expandable jaws, he has enough manners to wipe his mouth with a handkerchief. He struggles to escape through an air vent when his mid-section gets stuck due to recently consuming Jordan. When he realizes that the Dark Elves are arriving to rescue him, he claps with glee. When they finally storm the house, he is shown giving one of them a giant hug. Later in the film, he shows his love for the Christmas spirit by eagerly looking into Krampus's sleigh for a ride. He is also seen covering his eyes in fear when the lava pit is beginning to crack the ground. He also appears on the far right of the screen during the final scene when all of the monsters jumpscare the audience. There is a smaller Jack-in-the-Box clown that attacks Beth earlier in the film, this is just Der Klown as he grows when he eats.

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